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Pilli & Fanucchi brings together its partners' 20 years of experience with a modern, objective and customized methodology, with the aim of providing excellent legal support which add value to its clients' businesses.

We are a multidisciplinary firm focused on offering the best solutions to our clients’ businesses. We work in order to customize our service, offering a broad, personal, proactive and preventive business performance based on a distinctive closeness to the daily routine of the company.

Our enthusiasm seeks the development of ethical, effective and reliable legal solutions enabling the growth of our clients’ business and minimizing the risks inherent to business activity.

The firm

Experience, modern methodology and business-orientation.

Pilli & Fanucchi Law Firm originated from a dream of its founders to practice a different advocacy.

Our aim is to provide qualified, highly specialized and customized legal services in a simple, objective and fundamentally committed way with the activity of our clients.

We believe that speaking their language is essential, as well as understanding their realities and activities. It is also essential that we are always close and available, making legal advice a routine and uncomplicated activity and a tool for managing and maximizing results.


Our mission

To provide legal services with quality, agility and transparency, in a modern, dynamic and uncomplicated way, with in-depth knowledge of our clients and the market, in a light, creative environment that provides our members with autonomy, qualification and personal and professional growth.


Excellence in the provision of legal services and commitment to best practices, with a view to the structured growth of the firm and market recognition.


Customer Focus

We work to meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.


Use of the most modern legal techniques and tools on the market.


Non-negotiable commitment to the objectives and needs of our clients and our firm.


Continuous improvement, customized solutions and attention to detail.


Encouraging and valuing our employees’ sense of belonging and engagement.

Creativity and Innovation

We focus on thinking beyond the conventional or from a new perspective, seeking the best and most innovative solutions for our clients.


The accessibility of our partners is one of our greatest differentials, because we know that business is dynamic and cannot wait.

Technical Excellence

We work in a multidisciplinary manner, with specialists from different areas of law working in synergy.


We act proactively and preventively, side by side with our clients to promote business activity and decision-making, making business viable and reducing costs.


We are aware of the dynamic nature of our clients’ businesses, which is why we seek to combine agility with the best technique in our activities.

Market knowledge

In order to offer effective legal solutions, our team is attuned to the market economy and goes to great lengths to get to know the details of your operation.

Social Responsibility

Commitment to the social and economic development of the communities in which it operates, supporting social, educational and cultural projects and promoting social inclusion. Internally, ensuring a safe, respectful and fair working environment, offering opportunities for growth, benefits and adequate remuneration.

Expanding results and minimizing risks

We are a multidisciplinary firm focusedon offering the best solutionsto your business.

Our enthusiasm seeks the development of ethical, effective and reliable legal solutions

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A multidisciplinaryteam formedby specialists

The team at Pilli & Fanucchi Advogados is made up of qualified and diversified professionals from renowned Law Firms with extensive experience in their areas of practice and sectoral expertise.



An environment ofinspiring work

If you identify with our ideals, come and be part of our team. Our firm is always open to new talents.

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Legal advice and advice on Business Law.

We adopt a new mentality and use the latest legal technologies to help clients overcome the challenges of competing in the marketplace.

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We work oriented to business and side by side with your team.

Our team and your company united, working together and speaking the same language so that your business can flow freely and legally safe.

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